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esp arduino esp32-cam face detection

ESP32 CAM Face Detection

Hey friends in this video I will show you how to setup and use ESP32 – CAM module for the first time Arduino – File – Preferences – Materials: ESP32 CAM TTL Connector Jumpers Breadboard   via YouTube

esp arduino esp32-cam face recognition

ESP-Eye Face Recognition – ESP32

A first look on the ESP-Eye dev kit from Espressif. It’s a tiny board with an on-board camera and a microphone. It’s enabled by a phrase and detects faces. It is even able to distinguish different faces. Seems to be an awesome platform for future projects. via YouTube

esp arduino esp32-cam

ESP32-CAM Camera for Arduino IDE

Setting up the ESP32-CAM using the Arduino IDE and a brief demonstration of the video streaming, face detection and face recognition capabilities of the ESP-WHO framework via YouTube