ESP Arduino Tutorial

Installing Arduino and flash ESP-01 with Blink

From this tutorial, we will learn how to install Arduino app on Windows and configure it to be able to use to flash ESP-01.

To download the application, please go to this website:

Download the zip file of Arduino and extract the zip file.

Open the Arduino application. Click File >> Preferences

On Additional Boards Manager URLs, paste this link and click Ok:

Let’s add board by clicking Tools >> Board >> Boards Manager

Type esp8266 and click install

Prepare ESP-01 for flashing

We need a serial module board and an ESP. My ESP looks like this:


To program this, we need a jumper between GND and IO0. This jumper will enable programming mode.

This is my Serial Board Module


I have soldered pins behind the board so I could easily add jumper wire behind it. I already placed a jumper wire between GND and IO0.

Finally, now that the ESP is inserted on the serial board and has jumper wire on GND and IO0, then we are ready to flash.

Programming ESP-01 with Blink

Open Arduino app, click File >> Examples >> 01. Basics >> Blink

It will load Blink sample code. This code will make your ESP to blink the led every 1000 milliseconds.

From the menu, please click Tools and look at Port. You may not see any port number. Insert the Serial board in your computer usb and come back on Tools >> Port. You may see port number. Please click that.

Again on the menu, click Tools >> Board >> ESP8266 Board >> click Generic ESP8266 Module

To flash the code, please click from the menu, Sketch >> Upload

If no error and it is successful, remove the serial board from the computer and remove the the jumper wire. Insert the serial board again on your computer.

You should see your ESP-01 blinking.

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